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Who said that only large organizations require advanced email, contacts, calendar sharing?

Who said that only multinational enterprise corporates require advanced mobility?

Who said that only top corporate executives have important contacts on their phones and need to back them up continuously and seamlessly?


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Did you ever have these ideas:

  • I have a laptop; … I have two laptops; … actually I have a Windows 8 business laptop with me, a Mac OS at home and a secretary that needs to add appointments and/or update my contacts with business cards info, or reply to emails on behalf of me. How can I do that?
  • I have a Nokia phone; I have an HTC;  I have a Blackberry; I have an iPhone. Actually I have 2 phones, and I always need to have my contacts updated on both phones. Is this possible?
  • I got a new phone; I am not finding the time to migrate my data to it. Can I provision this automatically when I change my phone?
  • My phone was stolen, I am helpless without my contacts and calendar. Is there a way to get all my data into a new phone without having the old one with me? Can I prevent whoever stole my phone from accessing my contacts and calendar.
  • I want to Chat securely with my colleagues whether though instant messaging, voice or video. Is there a business controlled solution for that, or I have to use the public Instant messaging tools.


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