Case based agreement

1st Level Support:

  • Processed by: Customer Helpdesk team
  • Any issue, change request, data recovery request, or application/system usage information request that is requested by a certain user. A 1st level support person should be able to assist the user within the privileges of the user. When the request requires elevated privileges, the support request is escalated to 2nd level support

2nd Level escalation support:

  • Processed by: PTG Infrastructure Support team
  • Any request that has been escalated from the helpdesk team (1st level); any issue noticed by the infrastructure team affecting the company; any change request requested by the company management; any business entity or external supplier adding some components to the IT environment.

3rd Level escalation support:

  • Processed by: PTG Infrastructure Experts team
  • Request should be escalated from the Infrastructure support team (2nd level). The Infrastructure Experts team processes every request through a set of steps that either the Infrastructure support team should perform, or the Infrastructure Experts team should perform, based on the complexity and type of the task involved in every step. The Infrastructure Experts team may require vendor support for an issue that may be due to a bug in the system or due to a third party application, or to a strange behavior, where the Infrastructure Experts team would escalate the issue to the vendor. Based on the vendor support and type of issue, the vendor would either reply with explanatory information about the issue, with a resolution, or with a developed hot fix. The case management and coordination of the issue is managed by the Infrastructure Experts team.
  • Scope of a troubleshooting request: Detecting the source of the issue; Guidance on solving the issue; Recovery of a service or system
  • Scope of a data recovery request: Attempting recovery of exchange data; Attempting restore of backup data; Attempting removal of viruses
  • Scope of a change request: Configuration changes that the Infrastructure team do not know how to perform; New implementations are to be scoped and priced separately