Identity & Access Rights Control Panel

Most large enterprises especially in the financial sector have many different Business Applications with different repositories of users’ Identities and access control for each application. Having such an environment can lead to confusion, non-compliance, inconsistency, outdated security information and security breaches. The Identity & Management Control Panel capabilities are to provide a central management interface to create and manage user identities throughout their lifecycle on different backend applications; provide a central management interface to manage access rights of identities on different backend applications; synchronize identity information among different applications; centralize the tasks of identity management and thus centralizing the audits on actions performed on user accounts and access rights; automate processes and workflows involved in identity and access control management tasks; provide an intuitive password reset mechanism.


The Identity and access management platform and panel not only eliminates human error, but also reduces substantially the commit time for an identity or access request. User provisioning happens automatically after enrollment in HR or any other entry point used by the company. Deprovisioning happens automatically based on last day of employment, with a certain retention period to keep user information data in case of re-enrollment, before purging the information at end of retention period. Periodic reports such as quarterly reports are a one-click button, that can either be sent automatically to concerned department or exported to Excel for further filtering and layout customization, making the whole reporting process a 1-day task per quarter. Password self-service reset empowers the users to reset their own password decreasing substantially helpdesk requests.