Kiosk Video Conferencing

Although there are many factors that changed the customer service paradigm into customer self-service, such as ATMs, online banking, mobile banking, mobile apps, online shopping, vending machines, …, human assistance has proven to be the center of value-added customer service. While self-service is a key factor in our daily life, agents greeting you and asking you what you need and explaining to you the process to complete your self-service or assisted transaction seems to be very important for customers, whether in banking or in other sectors.


In order to control the cost of customer care outlets, while keeping the human aspect of customer service, Procomix has developed a touch oriented, flexible interface, kiosk based, video conferencing solution, where a customer can reach an agent any time from any kiosk station. The solution includes a custom skin for the kiosk application based on customer requirements, shortcuts to custom applications, and a button to place a video call. At the back-end, an agent can answer a video call, can invite external assistance by simply placing a phone call and join it to the conference with the customer, and can optionally see the screen of the customer to get some insights about what the customer is trying to do. Initiating the call can be through a touch screen button designed into the interface, or can be though a physical button that the customer can click, or can either be a sensor based trigger when someone is in front of the screen, or when someone sits on the chair in the kiosk cubical, or when someone closes the door of a virtual agent office, …. Kiosks can be integrated into other peripherals for functions such as scanning and photocopying documents, signing, getting a printed copy of a transaction.